Madison Farmers Market
market scenes

The Farmers' Market is truly one of the most important events during the year in Madison. It brings together all the people of the surrounding area to enjoy the bounty of the locally grown produce, delicious baked goods and beautifully hand crafted items. Everything that is for sale is grown or produced by the person selling it. That makes this market unique. There are plenty of opportunities for people to discuss how the product was grown or made. This exchange draws the community together and makes it a better place to live.

Carol has been selling wearable art at the Madison Farmer's Market since 1977. Her designs have set the tradition for Market wear. "My first Market design was inspired by the beautiful gladiolus being sold around the capitol square."Now you can purchase this design, The Original Farmers' Market Design, and many others on line. Carol has been creating new designs every year to share her love of the Farmers' Market. Join in the fun and take a stroll through Carol's catalog of creative designs and experience the many splendors of a Madison tradition.

At the top of State Street the Market features booths with arts and crafts to compliment the vegetables. Carol's Madison Farmers Market booth has been located in the heart of the weekly art fair since 1977.The market was much smaller back in 1977. The square was being re-landscaped to create a pedestrian friendly area. Every year the market has continued to grow and Carol has contributed her enthusiasm and artistic designs to promote it. At Carol's you will find original designs commemorating the Market tradition.